Phaatoonz Relaunch as Dipopaai

The Phaatoonz' team expand their vision and have rebranded as Dipopaai.

Dipopaai - Faka The Spice

Johannesburg, 14 November, Randburg.

Phaatoonz has recently re-launched, with a brand new name and look. Now known as Dipopaai studios, the revamp comes with more than just a makeover. Dedicated to serving their fans with the same level of eye-catching content, the team wants to expand their offering to fill a gap that they have identified in the world of animation.

“The lack of localized content, in our languages, style and wits is a missed opportunity. This is great for us, the creators, because it means that all the projects we have ever dreamt of doing, will come highly anticipated and well received” states Kearatwa Sedidi, director at Dipopaai.

The re-brand towards Dipopaai, will see the team known formerly as Phaatoonz, venture out of only being known for funny and satirical content into identifying with various other genres; pushing the envelope on what is defined as creativity from an African lens.

Sthembiso Mpehle, co-founder of the studio adds “As a team, we wanted to outgrow being funny guys who just mock celebrities. We want to create a culture of creativity and originality, not just in the space of popular culture, but also to break new ground in education, culture, technology and human experiences. We don't want to only showcase our Mzansi heritage. We want to be a part of creating it.”

The term Dipopaai is a Sesotho noun derived from the popular animation “Popeye”. In Sesotho, the term is used to refer to cartoons and illustration which are often consumed by a younger audience. While team are not focused solely on a particular group of people, their creations are up-beat and are representative of South Africa’s youth.

Their most recent work shows off the team’s diversity in representing South African youth and relevant sub-cultures. Having partnered with the likes of Loyiso Mkize, Connect TV and Culo De Song, this studio is well on their way to fulfilling their mission to fill the gap in locally animated content.

Dipopaai has now been in operation for 6 months, with a new website and a variety of different types of content to keep you entertained. Email for queries or to contact the team.

  • Kenosi Matsebatlela